Ciabatta Revisited

Last week I posted about the hot pepper ciabatta I made.  The recipe is from Peter Reinhart’s ciabatta recipe, but I had to add far more flour than I would have liked due to an inability to work with such a wet dough (and shaped it differently).


Well, the marble slab I ordered came in the mail the other day, and I was quite excited to give it a try.  This attempt was far more successful and yielded the perfect ciabatta: big hole-y crumb, soft crust, and great taste.  I handled the dough a bit too much before putting it in the oven which is what I think resulted in the bottom parts being a bit dense.  If you’re interested in a recipe/directions see the hot pepper ciabatta post.

Obviously the two products are very different, but following the recipe the proper way will result in what you see below.

The dough after being mixed and following a ‘stretch and fold’.


Same dough after rising…


The finished products!

photo(4) photo(2) photo(5)

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