Wednesday Weekend Recap

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to regularly post pictures of what I had made the previous weekend.  I went back and forth on when to do this, since I like the idea of posting new recipes each Monday.  But, it also seems strange to recount on Wednesday what I did on Friday-Sunday.


Whether it makes sense or not, I’ve decided to do semi-regular weekend recaps (when I have things to post) on Wednesday, and keep new posts/recipes to Monday.  Sometimes the things I’ll put here will turn into posts later, other times I’ll have already written about them.

Ironically, the two days before Passover were my most intensive bread baking ones in quite some time.  On Saturday I woke up early and made some sourdough English muffins.


While those were cooking, I also took care of the stretch/fold stage of my Tartine sourdough loaf.


For dinner on Saturday we made a really incredible tomato-chipotle chicken (post coming soon) and I whipped up (or rather kneaded up) some fresh tortillas.  They tasted and smelled amazing.

DSCN1650 DSCN1633

Sunday was a little more low key.  I tried out a new Tartine recipe (post coming) for a whole wheat loaf with flax and sunflower seeds.  I also made some sweet potato and cardamom roti to go with the chicken tikka masala that we made for dinner.

DSCN1692 DSCN1679 DSCN1687

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