One Year Blog-versary!


This weekend (Friday to be exact) marks a year since I first created this blog!  My bread making (and other cooking) skills have improved greatly in the past year and I’ve become far more adventurous in my cooking.  I decided to mark the occasion by posting some of my favorite pictures/posts from the past year.  Here’s to another great one!


My first post was about what really got me into bread baking in the first place, pizza.  I still think this is the best looking (and tasting) pizza I’ve made yet.

I could eat this forever.

Asiago Herb & Garlic Bread, is always gone in a flash.  This of course is especially relevant since Denard Robinson was selected in the NFL draft yesterday!


My first venture into making pasta did a pretty good job of demonstrating the smallness of my old apartment/kitchen.

photo (5)

Christmas Croissants getting ready to go in the oven while Posie the cat looks on…

012 015

I’ve always really like this picture of empanadas that I made a few months ago.


Why buy hamburger buns when you make much better ones at home?


This past fall/winter I worked hard at perfecting my tartine country loaf.


On to the Valentine’s Day desserts!  This nutella rose bread was improvised from a few different recipes and was absolutely incredible.


When I decided to make these apple rose tarts, I never would have imagined that I could get them to turn out like I expected.  Definitely the best pastry I’ve ever made.


I’m excited to see what bread baking adventures lie ahead!


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