Photoshop Phriday: Adrian Arrington

Football season my freshman year at Michigan did not get off to the most stellar start, but it did have a pretty spectacular ending.  A friend and I took a 6 AM flight New Year’s Day to Orlando to watch Michigan play Florida (coached by future ‘sad guy eating pizza’, Urban Meyer’) in Lloyd Carr’s last game.  Michigan was a huge underdog to the Fightin’ Tebows but played an incredible game and left with a 41-35 victory.


Among many great performances was Adrian Arrington, who caught 9 passes for 2 TDs and 153 yards, including this incredible one handed catch.  In the above picture you can not only see Arrington’s laser-like focus on catching the delicious bread, but Meyer’s disappointment and the fantastic semi-casual curiosity of the player behind him.  But as I said, this was just one of many amazing parts of the game…why not just watch the whole thing?

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