Photoshop Phriday: Tom Harmon

Tom Harmon, who was Michigan’s first Heisman trophy winner in 1940, pretty much did everything you possibly could on and off the football field.  ‘Old 98’ rushed and passed his way into Michigan record books and was a dynamic defensive and special teams player too.  In his final game in 1940 he famously rushed for three touchdowns, passed for another two, and had three interceptions.  Oh, and he also kicked four extra points and punted three times.  Michigan’s 40-0 victory over OSU could have also been scored as Tom Harmon 34, OSU 0.

HarmonAfter that storied career Harmon was picked 1st in the NFL draft, but instead enlisted in World War II effort as a fighter pilot.  When he came back he built an impressive legacy as a sports broadcaster.  Last year Harmon was recognized as a ‘Michigan Football Legend’ by the athletic department, and Devin Gardner was given the honor of wearing his number.  Above, Harmon demonstrates his ability to shed defenders and get to the outside, keeping a tight grip and several pressure points on his fresh challah.

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