Photoshop Phriday: Gerald Ford

On Wednesday Barack Obama visited Ann Arbor to speak at U of M, marking his third visit since his election in 2008.  Though this is the most visits to the university by a sitting President, Gerald Ford certainly spent the most time on campus of any President.  After all, he went here!  Ford attended Michigan in the early 1930s and was a star on the football team (voted the MVP in 1934).


In 1934 Ford protested the actions of the Georgia Tech athletic program, who threatened to refuse to play Michigan because they had a black player, Willis Ward (Ford’s roommate), on their roster.  Ford only played in the game at Ward’s insistence and commented later that the experience had a significant impact on him (For more check out the documentary ‘Black and Blue’).  On a lighter note, Ford’s election as President allows Michigan to be included with Stanford, Navy, and Miami of Ohio as the only colleges to graduate both a President and Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Here we can see Ford practicing his long snapping with his favorite whole wheat multigrain sandwich loaf (a Bakers & Best original).

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