Photoshop Phriday: Carol Hutchins

I closely follow Michigan football and basketball but it’s important to remember that there are nearly 30 other varsity sports on campus with equally dedicated student-athletes and coaches.  I thought it would be fun over the next few weeks to feature some of the people who you might not know as much about, but really should.  Near the top of that list is legendary Michigan softball coach Carol Hutchins.  ‘Hutch’ has been the fearless leader of Michigan’s softball team for almost 30 years and in that time has overseen one of the nation’s strongest programs (the admissions video I saw when I visited campus in high school showed clips from when softball won the 2005 national championship).


Michigan’s softball team has dominated the Big Ten for quite some time; her teams have claimed an astounding 16 of the last 21 Big Ten regular season titles.  This fantastic Michigan Daily article on Coach Hutchins gives a peek into her impact on and off the field and how she’s shaped the perception of women’s athletics at Michigan.  True fans know that Coach Hutchins always brings her Bakers and Best wheat-rye sourdough with caraway seeds and coriander (post coming soon!) to games in order to stay energized.

2 thoughts on “Photoshop Phriday: Carol Hutchins

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