Photoshop Phriday: Women’s Tennis

Last week showcased the Men’s Gymnastics team which just clinched its second national title in a row.  Hard to top, right?  Well how about the Women’s Tennis team winning their fifth (!!) consecutive Big 10 title.  Head Coach Ronni Bernstein took the reins in 2007 when I came to Michigan and since then the team has lost just 4 conference matches.  So if you’re in Ann Arbor and looking for quality Michigan sports with the near certain promise of a win, Women’s Tennis is a pretty good bet.


Even though the last day of the school year was on Tuesday, the tennis season will continue for another month.  The team is currently playing in the Big 10 tournament and NCAA championships will run until the end of May.  Sophomore Ronit Yurovsky is seen here celebrating the end of the school year, serving up her favorite Bakers & Best hamburger buns to hungry teammates at their end of year BBQ.


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