Photoshop Phriday: Drew Dileo

Drew Dileo was one of my favorite Michigan players the last few years.  Dileo was primarily a receiver but also returned kicks, punts, and was the team’s holder on field goals.  It seemed that whenever Michigan needed to convert on an important 3rd down, Dileo was the go-to guy.  He was a fixture of several trick plays including this unexpectedly successful one against Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.


Perhaps the best example of Dileo’s talents and remarkable hustle is the last play of regulation in the Michigan v. Northwestern game last season.  Down by 3 with 7 seconds on the clock after a completed pass, the field goal team scrambled onto the field.  Dileo had been a receiver on the previous play and had to sprint back to hold the ball on the field goal attempt.  Dileo slid into place just in time for the game-tying field goal to go up.  Much to my excitement standing in the crowd, Michigan would later win in triple overtime.  Above, Dileo shows off to the Michigan Stadium crowd the bacon shallot sourdough that keeps him fueled during games.


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