Photoshop Phriday: Tim Biakabutuka

Last week’s Photoshop Phriday featuring Braylon Edwards‘ legendary game against MSU got me thinking about other all-time performances by Michigan players.  There is no doubt that Tim Biakabutuka’s (say that 10 times fast) game against OSU in 1995 is on that list.  Michigan came into the game 8-3 while OSU and soon to be Heisman winner Eddie George were in the midst of a perfect 11-0 season.  Biakabutuka proceeded to bulldoze through the OSU offensive line and secondary to the tune of 313 yards and help Michigan to a 31-23 win.


You can watch the video of all 37 of his carries that afternoon here, and I highly recommend you do.  Rarely if ever does he go down on the first hit and he had an incredible number of runs for huge yardage.  My favorite is this run in the 2nd half where he drags 2 OSU defenders for about 20 yards.  This game was the cap on a record breaking season for Biakabutuka as it allowed him to break Jamie Moris’ single season rush record, one that still stands today.  Wouldn’t you be motivated too if 11 hungry OSU defenders were trying to steal your whole wheat multigrain sandwich loaf?

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