Photoshop Phriday: Devin Funchess

I’ve been running Photoshop Phriday posts since February but this is the first football season to happen since they started.  Last year I did a few pictures that are now in the gallery and generally I’ll use pictures from the game the week before.  Most often these are from Bryan Fuller who takes incredible pictures at U of M football games (most often) for the popular site MGoBlog.  Though I didn’t watch any of last week’s game while I was in Seattle I did look through pictures and found some truly great ones of Devin Funchess.  The Devin (Gardner) to Devin (Funchess) connections appears to be the next big thing this year for Michigan.  Three of Gardner’s 13 completions last Saturday went for touchdowns to Funchess.


Funchess played every game as a true freshman (starting almost half) as a tight end.  His sophomore year they listed him again as a tight end despite him being used like a wide receiver.  This year, he has officially made the switch on the depth chart.  Another equally big (if not bigger) change is this year he has switched from the number 87 Ron Kramer jersey to #1.  It has been 10 years since a Michigan WR wore #1, the last being Braylon Edwards.  Typically it has been reserved for the team’s best receiver and with this catch of a delicious chocolate stout with fresh cherries and hazelnuts Funchess showed he might have what it takes.

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