Photoshop Phriday: Jake Butt

There are a lot of great players on Michigan’s team this year and lots of great named players, and fortunately some of those lists overlap.  Jake Butt, for reasons obvious to the immature 10 year old snickering inside of me, has a wonderful name.  He’s Michigan’s starting tight end and also a huge impact player.  As a true freshman last year he appeared in all of Michigan’s games and started over half of them.  Last week I went to the Michigan vs. Miami (Ohio) football game and he showed that he intends to keep up the great level of play again this year.

Jake Photoshop

Despite the 34-10 final score the game was far closer than most would have expected during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Late in the 3rd quarter with Michigan up just 17-10 Devin Gardner threw a pass to Butt that was almost intercepted.  Actually, it was, and Butt wrestled it away from the defender mid-air.  A few plays later, Butt slipped past the Miami secondary and hauled in a pass from Gardner for a touchdown that would provide some breathing room.  Despite being wide open Gardner almost overthrew Butt, but he managed to reel the pass in.  You can’t really blame Devin for having trouble throwing the pass though, since as this Detroit News photo shows, he threw a parmesan pepper loaf.

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