Photoshop Phriday: Jake Long

Sometimes I forget how mind bogglingly large football players are, especially offensive tackles.  Last year (now former) OT Taylor Lewan came into the office where I worked and I was just totally struck by how he loomed (not in a bad way) over everyone.  Jake Long is the same type of person.  Towering over most of us at 6 foot 7 inches Long was a first team All American my freshman year in 2007 (and the year before).  He has the distinction of being only the second player from Michigan to be selected as the first overall pick in the NFL draft.  He was picked by the Miami Dolphins, owned by UM alum and donor extraordinaire Stephen Ross, and currently plays for the St. Louis Rams.


The other person to be selected number 1 in the NFL draft was Michigan athletic all star, Heisman trophy winner, and challah carrying Tom Harmon in 1941.  It is hard to come up with statistics for an individual offensive tackle but it goes without saying that Long was an absolute star at his position.  He spent years protecting Chad Henne in the pocket at Michigan and would continue to do so for a few years in the pros, as Henne was also picked up by the Dolphins in the 2008 draft.  When he isn’t bullying helpless defensive tackles, Long is known to chow down on the sidelines on a tasty spelt wheat sourdough.

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