Photoshop Phriday: Jordan Zimmermann

Last week I was planning to do something different for Photoshop Phriday but after I had a huge spike in traffic from MGoBlog, I stuck with the usual topic.  However I did want to carve out some time for my other sports obsession; baseball.  More specifically, the Washington Nationals.  From a numerical standpoint the Nationals, whose season unfortunately came to a close earlier this week, actually consume far more time in my life than Michigan football.  There are 12 scheduled (hopefully 13, maybe 14 with a potential Big 10 title game visit in the future) Michigan football games a year.  I estimate I watched close to 130 Nationals games since April, none more exciting than the last regular season game.


I have maintained for the last two years that Jordan Zimmermann was the best starting pitcher in an impressive Nationals rotation.  Again this year the Nationals staff was great, boosted by the addition of Doug Fister (thanks Tigers!).  This year Zimmermann posted career a low in ERA (2.68) and walked as many batters (29) as he did in his first MLB season despite pitching more than twice as many innings.  On the last day of the regular season Zimmermann cut through the Miami Marlins lineup like a piece of Wisconsin cheddar (he is, after all, a native Wisconsinite).  With two outs in the top of the 9th inning he still hadn’t given up a hit, and Steven Souza Jr.’s incredible diving catch (listen to all the radio and TV calls here) sealed the first no-hitter in the National’s 10 year history.  I’ve watched the replay near 100 times already, but just today I noticed that Zimmermann threw the last out with a piece of buckwheat apple sourdough (post coming soon!).

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