Photoshop Phriday: Zoltan Mesko

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I wanted to take some time and thank all of the wonderful readers who have been coming to my blog and commenting, sharing recipes, and supporting my strange hobby of editing Michigan sports photos.  Over the past few months my tiny little corner of the internet has grown and I’ve seen a consistent uptick in daily viewership, which is exciting.  I’m home for Thanksgiving and have been busy with other things so I’m sharing an old photoshop that I’ve never made a post about (and one that Capital One wouldn’t let me put on my credit card).  Zoltan Mesko, Michigan’s punter from 2006 to 2009, is probably my favorite Michigan football player.

Zoltan Mesko

As someone who (several times) tried out for the Michigan football team as a punter, I can appreciate his exceptional talent.  In 2010 he was the highest rated punter in the NFL draft and the New England Patriots drafted him in the 5th round (pick 150).  His new teammate, Tom Brady, hadn’t been drafted until the 6th round!  Mesko holds several Michigan punting records and did great volunteer work while in school and the NFL.  He did all of this on and off the field while completing a degree in the Ross School of Business, which is difficult enough for students who aren’t playing a varsity sport (he was a 2009 Academic All American).  The summer of the NFL lockout he put that degree to good use, making sure he had a plan for the time when his NFL career was over.  Thanks to a few friends of mine a poster of this photoshop is on the wall in our apartment, appropriately next to the signed and framed jersey I have of his.  Whatever you need punted, whether bread or a football, Zoltan has you covered.

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