Photoshop Phriday: Taco Charlton

Just like I have a long list of recipes that I want to make and post about, I have a decent sized list of Michigan football players who I want to make Photoshop Phriday posts about.  More often than not I start with a well known player from past or present and then work from there to make the picture.  This week however I flipped that script.  I found a piece of paper on my desk with ‘Taco with tacos’ scribbled on it.  It had been there for several months and it took a minute to remember why I had written it down.  Taco Charlton (real first name is Vidauntae) is a sophomore backup defensive end for Michigan.  How could I let the year close out without giving him some tacos to hold?


His nickname apparently was given to him by his grandmother when he was born, and it stuck ever since.  Taco saw minimal game action his freshman year but this year played in all 12 games and notched 14 tackles.  After Frank Clark’s dismissal in mid November he had more extensive playing time the last two games of the season.  Following a game and long week of practice, he knows the importance of refueling with a balanced meal in convenient taco form.

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