Photoshop Phriday: Junior Hemingway

Former Michigan wide receiver Junior Hemingway was a member of a particularly resilient senior class at Michigan.  Like me, Hemingway came to Ann Arbor in 2007 when Lloyd Carr was coaching the football team.  Following Carr’s retirement he played for three years under Rich Rodriguez, then Brady Hoke as a fifth year senior.  His fourth and fifth years were his best when he had yardage totals just under 600 and 700 yards, respectively.


In his final game, the 2012 Sugar Bowl, Hemingway had just two catches but he made them count.  The first got Michigan on the board at the end of the first half and the second was an incredible catch in the back of the endzone in the third quarter.  In one of the most bizarre Michigan games of the past few years, this was enough to earn him MVP honors.  My one impression of him off the field is another great memory.  A few years ago when flying home for winter break he was waiting for a flight at the gate across from mine.  Some young kids recognized him and approached him to say hi and get an autograph.  He ended up talking to them for about 15 minutes and they left with huge grins and their day made.  As this Melanie Maxwell photo shows, Sugar Bowl MVP honors earn you a loaf of bacon shallot sourdough.

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