Photoshop Phriday: Jabrill Peppers

At the start of last football season many Michigan football fans were excited to see what impact freshman Jabrill Peppers would have.  Peppers, a defensive back who also was a running back in high school, was one of the nation’s top recruits coming to Ann Arbor.  Unfortunately just three games into the season Peppers began to have injury problems (ankle, then leg) and would end up sitting out the rest of the season.  He was granted a medical redshirt, meaning last season won’t count against his years of eligibility.


Peppers has popped up in the news recently when it started to circulate (mostly because of Peppers himself) that he would switch from cornerback to safety next season.  His exceptional general athletic ability (see: how he was able to be a standout defensive and offensive player in high school) would certainly be an asset at the position.  He has kept healthy in the offseason thanks to a steady diet of bell peppers (as opposed to cereal and gatorade) and is certainly ready for spring practice to start (Photo credit to Melanie Maxwell).


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