Photoshop Phriday: Ron Kramer

In 1955 and ’56 the football team had a player selected as a consensus All American.  The next year the captain of the basketball team set the Michigan career scoring record.  The year after that, Michigan’s top football player would be selected 4th in the NFL draft.  This was not three separate people, all these achievements belonged to Michigan legend Ron Kramer.  Kramer, like his coach Bennie Oosterbaan, was a nine time letterman at Michigan.  In addition to football and basketball Kramer also found the time to run track.  And, like many other great stars of his era Kramer played multiple positions on the football field.  In fact it is easier to list the positions he didn’t play rather than the ones he did.

Ron Kramer

Kramer’s number 87 was one of a select few ever to be retired at Michigan.  It was brought back recently as one of the ‘Michigan Legends’ jerseys and was first awarded to Devin Funchess.  Though he played a variety of positions Kramer was primarily a tight end and had a highly successful career as one with the Green Bay Packers.  He was surrounded by great football minds, after being coached by Oosterbaan he played for Vince Lombardi in Green Bay.  By all accounts Kramer, who passed away in 2010, was an even better person and friend.  There is a great story about Kramer spreading the ashes of Oosterbaan all around campus.  How did Kramer have the energy to play three sports and earn his degree at the same time?  Buckwheat apple cider sourdough of course!

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