Photoshop Phriday: Jack Miller

Anyone who follows football, collegiate or professional, is acutely aware of the risks players take.  Earlier this week San Francisco 49ers linebacker cited health concerns when he retired after just one year of professional play.   Similarly, Michigan redshirt senior Jack Miller announced two weeks ago that he would forgo his final season and move on from football.  In addition to his own issues Miller had a front row seat to the controversy that unfolded this year around Shane Morris’ concussion against Minnesota.  Jack started as center in all 12 of Michigan’s games last season and had played in 10 games prior to that.


You’ve got to hand it to Miller, having the opportunity to be a senior starter in the spotlight is tough to walk away from (not that I have personal experience to back that up).  He noted concerns about past and potential future concussions in what helped him to begin move on from football, not to mention the fact that he has now completed his degree.  On Tuesday he wrote a short piece for Bleacher Report elaborating on the decision.  Miller felt that with his degree in hand he’s ready to pursue opportunities beyond football.  Perhaps in his spare time he’ll keep up his football skills by snapping some loaves of spent grain sourdough.

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