Welcome to Bakers & Best!  If you’re a fellow baker (and eater) of great bread I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here, whether that is recipes, pictures, tips, or offering me occasional help.  I’ll post my weekly breads, other meals, and musings on other subjects, mostly Michigan related.  Hopefully you’ll see, just like I did four years ago, that making great bread yourself at home is far less daunting than you might expect and a lot of fun!  And for the amateur photoshopper in all of us, check out my Photoshop Phriday posts, where I’m slowly rewriting (or I suppose repicturing) Michigan football history one week at a time.

My junior year in college was the first time I had to fend for myself in a kitchen, and by senior year I was spending weekends making bagels, baguettes, and pizza.  I liked the idea of knowing exactly what was going into my food and baking thus far has been the best application I’ve found for all those chemistry classes I took in college. Four simple ingredients (plus extras sometimes) can make some incredible flavors.

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011, work on campus, and despite having a kitchen the size of most people’s bathroom, I am determined to keep baking delicious bread week after week!  And that’s the Michigan Difference.

Thanks for visiting Bakers & Best!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. A) I really need to step up my bread baking, so a blog dedicated to bread is exciting.
    B) A blog dedicated to bread that names one of its loaves after Denard sends me over the moon!

  2. As a lifelong Michigan fan and amateur baker I was happy to find this blog. Awesome loaves on the front page whoever baked those knows what they’re going. My simple advice to novices: Get and read “The Bread bakers Apprentice” and “Bread Science” and buy a romertoff. If you want to make a awesome no knead sourdough spelt do that, it’s easy, google it.

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