Welcome to the Bakers & Best comprehensive bread learning center!  This was inspired by several friends asking me how to get started baking their own bread, and having trouble finding various pieces of information in one place.  Think of these pages as a Couch to 5K plan for bread making.  If you’ve never made a loaf of bread but aspire start, I hope you find this helpful!

Sandwich to Sourdough: A Guide for New Bread Bakers

This page incorporates a great deal of information from around the site and provides a guide as you start your bread baking journey and learn information, recipes, and techniques.

Yeast the Beast

Check out this page for a full rundown on yeast; what it is, how it works, what to buy, and how to use it.  Don’t let it intimidate you from making your own bread, it is nothing to be feared!


Kneading is the process that transforms your ingredients from individual elements to a ready to rise bread dough.  This section will give you the do’s and don’ts of kneading dough and also discusses a few ‘no-knead’ recipes.

Shaping, Scoring, and Baking

There are lots of great techniques in this section that will help give you not only better tasting, but better looking bread.  Each of these three steps, particularly shaping and scoring, will continue to improve with experience!

Baker’s Percentages and Dough Hydration

Understanding ingredient percentages will help you make better bread and change/develop recipes to fit what you want.

Sourdough: Creation and Care

When I first started making sourdough bread I wrote up a post on how to create and care for a starter.  This way of naturally leavening your breads can require patience and practice but is certainly worth the reward.  Read more to get started!

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